Name is JUH-NET, remember that ;)
I am a scorpio enjoying the world of massage therapy. I want nothing but homeostasis.


Streams of consiousness…

my body doesnt feel unless i tell it so, i dont see it fit if it were so,can we run through riddles and surround ourselves in hills and die in the forests. can i hide forever where no one can find me anymore..

who cares if i breathe fast, i want to see the colors of beautiful lights running past me running through the chaos like im free…

smooth talks, fly walks, gotta keep it tough, smirking like i own the world.

yet im so in love,
ride the waves, like i surf it right,
right on, right on, right on like i know the way im meant to be,
giving away like i live carefree.

flowers, trees, grass, that green green grass, cant take you higher but the best ganja buds this life can bleed,

i want to smoke the world,
all while saving it


so chill, so calm, so mellow,
lost my cool, hello, seen the rays,
youre just a fellow,

group of
obedient,ly. mindless,
for the next out,rage.

but its so chill.
were so calm, so mellow,
cant lose my cool, hello, i see the rays.

illusive, illusions, oozing
from every facet upon facet on your
brass so slick silver lying tongues,

We play it chill,
we play it calm,
we play it mellow,

Till we lose our cool.




i love this new place.
if i never left, i may not have found another piece of myself.
I was always the person i wanted to be,
whether in the future, i disagreed, and whether in the past,
i never saw.
I will always be good and i will always have some bad,
its only the balance of life which we are all given.

There are only certain strategies we may play,
during the time that faith tries to change everything and raise the stakes.

Will we be the good person,
or will we give in to all the bad.

Is it overcoming, when we reach the good. but without the bad, there would be no lesson..

Even though there is a fine line from differentiating and remaining.

and I just realized, i love irish music, and i will take beer wine and weed over hard liqour any day!

To my friends who read this, and fellow followers and mindful gazers,
Love you, have a goodnight!

i want this as a tattooo







untitled by malinda fisher on Flickr.

crying because i miss janet and phil :(

I love you missa boo,and we miss you loads. we want you to come over here and enjoy the vegan wonderland that awaits you!!and the trails that we need to blaze and discover<33333